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I am writing to say how pleased i have been with the way Andrew Beard always approaches his carpet cleaning duties. He is unfailingly courteous and applies himself conscientiously to the job at hand.

He has cleaned our carpets, both private and commercial, over a number of years and we have always been very satisfied. We have also found him to be very trustworthy.

Yours Sincerely
David Wardell

Managing Director
Kip McGrath Education Centres (N.Z) Ltd


Fibrecare Cleaning Services for all facets in the cleaning and maintenance of carpet. We have used and recommended his services numerous times in the past and have always had positive feedback.

We are a reputable company and have high standards of workmanship that we adhere to and we knowingly use Andrew who presents himself well as a good advertisment for his services.

Yours Sincerely
Carl R Wolfe
Company Director
Cascade Carpets Ltd
Phone: (09) 776 7468

I recently had occasion to call Fibrecare Cleaning Services regarding some horrendous staining that had occured to two brand new, lounge chairs in my possession. I had unwittingly locked two stray cats into my house and left for the day. My chairs were obstensibly ruined. Unfortunately, I made matters worse by trying to redeem the situation myself. Finally, a friend referred me to Fibrecare.

They recommended Andrew Beard for the job, which they said needed an expert. Andrew duly arrived and admitted afterwards that he had been dismayed by what he saw. The chairs are bleached canvas and not only did they have cat stains but large water marks where I had tampered. He suggested he try one chair at a time and judge the results. He didn't panic me but gently warned that the results may be disappointing.

Andrew achieved the almost impossible. Te results of his attention were astionishing. But Andrew proved himself in other ways. He was extremely tactful, conscientious and very professional. His communication, skills and attitude towards his job and clientele were excellent. Andrew had to return several times to complete the job and he was always reliable and punctual.

I recommended Andrews professionalism and skills. He was always prepared to go the extra mile, a rare quality these days. The cleaning and restoration he achieved were beyond my wildest dreams.

Yours Sincerely
Viviane James

James Consulting Group Ltd

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Andrew Beard
Managing Director


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